WEBINAR: TFP Bus Network Survey

Transit Forward Philadelphia reveals our Rider-Driven Bus Network Survey results, alongside an overview of SEPTA Bus Revolution's Draft Network, our organizational priorities, and upcoming opportunities to have your voice heard.

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Through the latter half of 2021, Transit Forward Philadelphia conducted a rider-driven bus network survey to understand the challenges, preferences, and needs of SEPTA bus riders as well as changes in rider’s travel patterns due to COVID-19. The survey also analyzed bus riders’ willingness to support changes to the current bus network that are expected to occur as a result of SEPTA’s comprehensive bus network redesign project, the Bus Revolution. We prioritized data collection in bus-reliant neighborhoods to ensure SEPTA riders' perspectives were at the forefront.

As part of our Better Access Better Service Better Buses campaign, TFP surveyed over 2,000 residents and talked to riders at 20 different locations throughout the city. 63% of the people who took the survey either ride the bus almost everyday (5-7 days/week) or often (2-4 days/week). 

Following a few months of synthesis with our research partners at Temple University, we are ready to reveal the results, dovetailing with the recent reveal of the SEPTA Bus Revolution Draft Network. Join Transit Forward Philadelphia for an informational webinar presenting the survey results for the first time, aligning them with the Draft Network, our transit equity priorities, and educating attendees on how to have their voice heard through SEPTA's Open Houses and online community conversations.

Come learn more about how Philadelphians can create a more equitable bus system this Tuesday, November 22!

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November 22, 2022 at 12:00pm - 1pm
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