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This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tell SEPTA what you think about the bus network and help inform their redesign

SEPTA is in the process of redesigning its bus network through the SEPTA Bus Revolution project

SEPTA is taking a blank slate, top-to-bottom look at the bus network which will include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of where the market, demand, and need for transit services are in the Philadelphia region
  • Detailed analysis of SEPTA’s current bus routes
  • Creation of scenarios and options for how bus service could be improved
  • Evaluation and conversation about the scenarios that will lead to final recommendations for change
  • Implementation of the changes (expected from late 2022 throughout 2023)

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We are calling on SEPTA to transform their current bus service to be faster, more frequent, and more reliable while connecting communities in a safe and dignified manner through the SEPTA Bus Revolution project




Unfortunately and understandably so, bus riders no longer see SEPTA buses as a reliable and dependable transportation option and are forced to utilize a network that was designed over 30 years ago and is no longer responsive to the needs of today’s riders.


SEPTA's buses are getting slower and slower each year, averaging less than 12mph during most of the day which causes major delays for both riders and operators and hinders riders from arriving at their destination on time.


The reliability and on-time performance of SEPTA buses have been poor and substandard. Riders are left waiting at stops for long periods unsure of whether or not their bus will arrive. SEPTA has set a reliability goal of 80%, defined as the percentage of buses that arrive within 6-minutes of their scheduled arrival time. Yet, a majority of bus routes do not meet this standard and continually show up late, well past this 6-minute window.


SEPTA buses do not run frequently enough which causes overcrowding and longer wait times for riders. The frequency or number of buses that arrive at a stop is one of the single most important factors for bus riders. Yet, more than 50% of SEPTA buses arrive every 15 minutes or later.  


This is why we need a Bus Revolution that will provide

 Quicker Connections & Faster Trips

Fewer Delays & Buses that Come More Often



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