03/27 Survey: Riding Transit During COVID19 Crisis

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Rider Survey on COVID-19 & Fare Hearings

COVID-19 Travel Survey

Much of the Philadelphia region is shutting down as we fight against COVID-19. Many people are staying home to help slow the virus’ spread. But many Philadelphians must still ride public transit to put food on the table, contribute and access vital care and services, and take care of their families. This survey will help inform plans to keep public transit safe and reliable during today's crisis and in the future.

We want to hear from all Philadelphians, and especially those who can’t work remotely or stay home to wait out the virus. What are you seeing on your commute? What do you need from public transit at this uniquely challenging moment?

Take The Survey And Let Us Know What You Think

Fare Proposal Hearings

SEPTA is planning on holding fare hearings regarding the Proposed Fare Restructuring Plan. As of right now, the fare hearings have been postponed. 

SEPTA hired Econsult Solutions Inc. to analyze the equity impacts of the proposed plan. You can read specific details about the proposed tariffs here.

Share your thoughts on SEPTA's proposal and what advocates should focus on this spring with us at [email protected]

Federal Coronavirus Relief Package Has $25B for Transit

Early yesterday morning, congressional leaders and the White House agreed to a $2 trillion COVID-19 economic stabilization plan that includes $25 billion in emergency direct assistance to transit agencies, at a time when agencies’ revenue is plummeting. The plan also includes more than $1 billion for passenger rail.

Thanks to YOUR help, the support of Pennsylvania Senators Patrick Toomey and Robert Casey, and the entire Pennsylvania Congressional delegation, there are now relief funds for operating costs to maintain service, fill gaps of lost revenue due to the coronavirus emergency, as well as the purchase of personal protective equipment, and paying for the administrative leave of operations personnel due to loss of service. 

Let's take this opportunity to thank our Congressional representatives via a phone call, email, or tweet using the provided links. Thank you again for all your help and support for public transit during these turbulent times.

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