Buses are a lifeline for all Philadelphians. They can connect us to family, community, and culture. Riders depend on SEPTA buses to access jobs, healthcare, and other essential services. 

Unfortunately, bus riders no longer see SEPTA buses as a viable and dependable way to get around. Without a fast, frequent, reliable bus network, riders lose access to the countless number of opportunities the Greater Philadelphia region has to offer. Prior to the pandemic, SEPTA's bus ridership declined by 9% over the last four years. Yet, the population of the region has steadily grown over this same time period. 

This decline in bus ridership is due to buses not arriving often enough or showing up when they say they will

Poor Frequency | Slow Bus Speeds | Unreliable Service

That is why we are calling on SEPTA to transform their current bus service to be faster, more frequent, and more reliable while connecting communities in a safe and dignified manner through the SEPTA Bus Revolution project


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